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Unwind With a Walking Meditation Through Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington

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The Path

 The path is really about the journey. Pause to breathe in the fragrant flowers. Beauty is in every detail of nature. Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington (Ontario, Canada) to discover landscaped treasures and nature.

Here are a few tips for a relaxing, walking meditation.

 I learned these techniques from meditation classes and two wonderful websites that are absolutely free to everyone

 (listed at bottom of page for all to enjoy). 

 Stay in the present, in an observant, witness state to get the curing benefits nature has to offer.

Every flower has it’s own fragrance, beauty and purpose.

Breathe in the fragrance of flowers to clear the root chakra or energy centre.

Admire the beauty of each flower…their beauty plays a role in clearing out the second chakra, or energy centre.

Practise listening for hints of wildlife and discover their habitats. Observe as if it is a divine play just for us.

                                                                                                 Let the sun warm the back of you head to clear the Agnya or 6th Chakra, forgive everyone and   everything from your past.

Mother Earth has the power to rejuvenate our spirit.

 Put one foot in front of the other and practice living completely in the moment.

Take time to sit on the earth or be barefoot in the grass.

 Keep your hands wide open towards the sky and rest them on your lap to receive. 

Observe the clear sky, rustling leaves, cool breeze and blades of grass.

 Notice how being in nature makes you feel better.

 Put your hands downward onto the grass and press down gently,  ask the earth to remove and clear any negativity.

Let the thoughts float away like clouds and to each gently say “not this thought” to stay in the present.

For more inspired meditation information and free classes visit, or

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