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First Class Adaptive Wear Fashion Picks for Mothers and the Daughters

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By Paula Erskine

Paula’s Picks

What I most like about Silvert’s adaptive clothing is sharing key pieces with my 80 years young Mom. We have our own spin on integrating Silverts gems into our existing wardrobe. The fact that these items have no fussy zippers or buttons makes getting dressed a breeze. I wear the Sherpa Shawls (which I would describe as a sleeveless jacket) on the airplane for my duties in civilian clothes and can slip my expenses in the deep pockets. These shawls also wrap up blanket style and pink is naturally, cosmetics for the face. They remind me of clouds in the sky, especially the ice blue shawl. The cream beige is just as soft and cuddly. I also wear them indoors to keep me cozy. They are so stylish, people stop me everywhere I go. It’s like being wrapped in warm, fluffy clouds of comfort. The seams start at the shoulder, so this detailed cut gives me a strong shoulder. It reminds me of those vintage movie star capes over glam dresses. Use my code Paula20 for anything from Silverts for 20% off and find them the sherpa shawls here:

Winter Boots, Extra Wide

The winter boots are super easy to put on herself. But look at my mom, with her pink leg warmers getting all, ’80s on me. We both love the boots because they don’t slip and slide. The opening of the boots is wide enough to self-dress easily. The boots even accommodate her bunions from all those years working as a waitress come hairstylist. She worked her whole life to bring us to our homeland in Croatia to know our heritage. Now I escort my Mom to her homeland for the summer for her to enjoy on my flight passes. Keeping her safe and sound is my major priority. Being as independent as possible is very important to my wonderful mother. As a caregiver, I am paying attention to her needs as we enjoy each other’s company on this journey together.

Size note on the boots: Currently, the width is fantastic, but when measuring length, you will find you have to go up one size compared to standard sizes. My mom and I normally wear a standard size 10, but the chat line advised me to go up one full size as the length is shorter than standard. The size 11 fit us perfectly, (like a 10). I have test driven these boots, and now I want us each to have a pair. I feel confident with the grip grill on the bottom of the boots. They are also warmly lined and water resistant. I can attest that the claim to keep your feet warm in -20 conditions is true. I was completely toasty.

Magnetic Snaps are Fantastic

My mom got a real kick out of the snap-on, snap-off tops, especially this denim version with 4 pockets. The magnetic enclosures make dressing a breeze. If your parents or someone you love suffer from arthritis these shirts are the perfect solution. Besides, the mechanics of buttons are overrated. The dark denim pieces look tailored. As a 14-16, I chose the XL which fits like a decadently thick shirt. It’s fitted and stretchy. Super comfortable. There is a tailored waistline so it has a feminine touch. I might try the 2XL next time to get more of a jacket feel than a shirt. Less fitted and more something I can slip a t-shirt under and get that blazer feeling which I love. I am sharing my size notes to help you decide what kind of fit you would like for yourself or your loved ones.

Don’t forget to check out the magnetic buttoned shirt for men.

Also the sherpa lined shackets (shirt-like jackets) are lined with the sherpa softness on the inside of the clothing right next to the skin. Shop Men’s Magnetic Closure Sherpa Shacket with Detachable Hood Online | Silverts – Silverts It’s in the men’s category, but I will definitely be sharing with my 91-year-old Dad. So it’s great for women too, in my opinion. It has a hood and makes a great liner for a coat, or to keep your core temperature warm indoors. For all of us, fashion should marry function. And as a bonus, if you use my promotional code PAULA20, you will enjoy 20% off no matter what clothing items you choose.

Caregivers United

We all have parents and loved ones, neighbors dear friends in need of varying degrees of care. The truth is you may be thrown into the caregiver role overnight, or over time. And what you need are resources on how to dress your loved ones with dignity and simplicity.

Self-Care and Self-Dressing

The great news about Silverts clothing is, it is not only easy dressing, but you will probably find something pretty or dashing for your fine, caregiving self. Like the sherpa lined, extra wide shoes in pink, blue and black. Check them out here. Consult the live chat for size advice of these fabulous shoes.

Undergarment Gear for Shift Workers

You deserve to be comfortable and look good too! Every shift worker on the planet could be wearing Silverts breast nests camisoles and bras with no underwire, but rather a hidden band that keeps the area dry between the bust and torso for light to medium support. It eliminates the chance for skin infections. The fabric is soft modal. As a flight attendant, I sometimes have to wear a bra from the time I start my day to overnight on a night flight. No one should have to wear underwire for 24 hours. This is the solution for comfortable undergarment gear in bras and camisoles. Check them out here:

Size Tips for Breast Nests: For more lift, go down one or possibly two sizes as the 5% stretch delivers comfort and keeps the torso separated from the bust to eliminate the chance of skin infections. For sleep or lounge bras, just follow the size guide. If you have mothers, sisters or daughters you need to care for, this garment has soft fabric and is a healthy dressing necessity.

Stay tuned for more highlights on how Silverts can improve the quality of your life and help you and your loved ones get dressed. It’s where fashion and function come together. Feel free to subscribe and never miss a post on all my adventures with Silverts and life as a flight attendant and model.

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