Dreamy Baska on Krk Island, Croatia: Itineraries for Krk Island

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Visiting Baska, pronounced Bashka, on Krk Island is a delightful multi-stop day trip from the Bay of Kvarner area in Croatia. The panorama of moon-textured mountains encircling the sea will take your breath away. In the breaths to come, you will marvel at the swirling staircases leading to modern touches on old coastal village dwellings turned tourist apartments. The alleys are full of stores that have been embedded into the stony fabric of olden days. Strolling the riviera, strutting your stuff, partaking in sea dips along its sometimes narrow beaches that eventually widen can be a day trip or an overnight stay. Once you cross the bridge for Otok Krk (island Krk), near Rijeka, the signage you choose will be towards Baska, near the opposite end of the island.

Krk Baska

When the sun starts peaking through disappearing droplets of rain, alas, one can revel in the miracle of a rainbow with one of Baska’s many boats passing picture perfectly.

Krk Baska

With folk and traditional touches, one can be sure that the prsut (pershut, smoked, dried thinly sliced ham) and incredible sheep, cow or goat cheese make great appetizers as a mid day snack in the shade. Charming shutters cool the tourist apartments overlooking the sea.

Krk Baska

Tea lights adorn the original rock wall, and quirky antiques are just some of the nifty touches that compliment the traditional foods served in Croatian Restaurants in Baska, Krk.

A folk feast for the eyes.

The magical landscape continues to amaze long into the evening strolling not only the riviera, but the popular inner alleys full of interesting, artistic shops. During the day the shade of the alleys and ice cream shops are a reprieve from Croatia’s sunny beachscapes.

In Baska, you may choose to dine inside the labyrinth of alleys, perhaps beside an ancient water fountain, by candlelight, experiencing Croatian cuisine. Seafood galore, schnitzels, grilled meats, shish kebabs, pizzas, burek, salads, Turkish coffee and black ice cream for dessert. The influence of neighboring countries married with slavic peasant foods abound. Simply flavourful!

Krk Day Trip Itinerary

Since Baska, on Krk Island, is near the opposite end of the entrance via bridge in Rijeka, you can manage a day trip that includes several stops. Any combination of the following places on Krk is doable in one day. I do suggest that if a one of these places strikes your fancy, simply save the other little stops for the next time. It is quite healthy to drop a check list of places to go. When where you are now, has stopped your life from spinning so you can experience blissful wonder, know that this is your intended destination.

Dobrinj is a quaint village, I would love to return to have lunch here, it is tiny and charming to a fault. A wonderful art shop captured us with its talented flair. The stony walls covered in climbing ivy will take you to a main square where we witnessed families dining happily outdoors on cobblestone. Dobrinj disarmed us completely, with its charming alleys, albeit few, and beach with a view.

Wakeboard Cable Krk where you can dare to water ski assisted by cables with all equipment available for rent and a chill music vibe and a place to have a drink and watch all the action. I love stopping here, even for a few minutes, to watch novices to get up on those boards. Then there are always the experts pulling stunts while others struggle to get past the first marker.

Cizice, affectionately known, as Blato Beach featuring yours truly.

Silo beach (pronounced Shilo, the “v” on top of an s or c makes it a “sh” or “ch”), Cizice which is a therapeutic mud beach. It is affectionately known as “Blato beach” referring the dirt or the black sand. For Cizice, follow signs towards Silo and stay on the left side of Krk island along the coast. Don’t go through the middle of the island, you will miss it. Keep one hand clean to make pictures or ask beach goers or setup your tripod. Be sure to scoop the black sand, their are various shades of mud here, in different mud pits. Then bake a little in the sun. Afterwards, bathe in the warm, shallow waters of the beach and massage the mud off till you are sparkling new again.

Vrbnik (a village built on cliffs), Krk Centars Francopan castle walls or follow Krk Centar beach bar to reach a surreal swim spot framed by a wind swept forest, and give or take another cute beach called Njivice. Krk island has many treasures, and priceless views.

Make Baska part of your next trip to Krk Island, Croatia. And visit at least one of the other spots along the way.

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