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Croatia's Vistas and Priceless Village Views

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Cosmic Ocean Through Nectar
Strolling through the different alleys and paths at the top of Vrbnik, Croatia, I discovered beautiful blooming flowers thriving and enjoying the sea view. Fuschia flowers frame the cosmic, expansive blue sea in this vignette.
To discover Vrbnik you can take the ferry from the village of Selce, Croatia which departs daily. It includes a tour, or you can wander after the tour and take the last ferry home. Vrbnik can also be accessed by car but you will have to drive to Rijeka (known to Italians as Fume) about 30 minutes from Selce. The best view and way to go there is by boat. See the article “Curb Appeal” for proof. Vrbnik is built on a hill overlooking the Adriatic Sea. It is very unique, with valleys, and tiny corridors to pass through. It’s old style shutters, and unique doorways, winding stairs, easy to navigate village is truly a place I have visited repeatedly and enjoyed every time. Check out my other photos and reports on this village of Vrbnik and other Croatian treasures.

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