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I Am A Flight Attendant and That Is My Superpower! by author Paula Erskine

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“Paula Erskine tells an epic story, and she tells it exquisitely. Warning: Wanderlust is inevitable.” Janice Macleod, New York Times Best Selling Author of Paris Letters

Well…the adventures are more unbelievable than you could ever imagine. And one had so much to express that one’s stories overfloweth into two chapters of “I Am A Flight Attendant and That Is My Superpower” book, volume 2. Baggage? You bet! It’s been an uncomfortable, yet cathartic, unpacking. But I ain’t done yet. There have been grace periods to cushion the blows. Hindsight reveals the sometimes painstaking growth spurts. With every layover in every country, I reinvented myself. Suddenly, it dawns on the new emerging me: this life is more than just a read through. I give props to the trials and turbulence. As the page nail bitingly turns, it is ultimately my gratitude postcard to the world. One thing is certain. There is no coincidence. The present, like this book, is such a life affirming gift.

Oh, If This Airplane Fuselage Could Talk!

The keepers of the fuselage that stand on guard for thee have just broken the fourth wall, figurately speaking. And we are talking to you, our attentive passengers, answering all those curious questions we get while sitting across from you in our jump seat, all strapped in and cozy. Like, “how come you get those extra straps across your bodies?” Or, “What is your favorite destination?” And a whole lot of…”Where have you been, and where are you going next?” “Any close calls?” “Do you work for more than one airline?” “Surely, it’s impossible to a have family with your job?!And the most heard comment of all my years in the industry…”I have always wanted to be a flight attendant! What’s it really like?!”

I am laying it out. Breaking my silence. Spilling my guts in volume 2. No flight attendant’s journey is the same. Different paths, yet each story unique and worthy of reading. One cannot paint each of us with the stroke of just one brush, ever again. And this book breaks that very assumption. Each of us, yours truly included, peel back those layers of onion from the outside, in. Tears and laughter in tow. It is a collection of uplifting journeys to the power of 21 flight attendants!

Defying Gravity to the Alti-tune of 36,000 feet

The permutations of storyline are jaw dropping…because they are true! You could say…our starry voices are sprinkling the sky with stardust. There is a foreshadowing of turbulent clouds, followed by a jet stream of hope and triumphant rays of sunshine. Everything looks different from a bird’s eye view. But we are flying much higher than that…to the alti-tune of 36,000 feet. The air is different up here…Oh, how those Hepa filters de-virus at the rate of 99% every 3 minutes! With every flight, every take off, every landing…we reveal the unfolding dramas inside and outside 240 tons of heavy metal, baggage and fascinating humans hurling through the air. Let’s raise those window shades to shed some light on what it takes in this lifetime to defy gravity and become light as a feather again. Not without a whole lot of drama, of course. Which makes for great storytelling, natch.

Hope you see how you cannot possibly live without buying multiple copies of this empowering book and passing inspiration on and on as gifts! Think of it as an exchange of energy and great vibes! Emotional Intelligence? We got this! In and out of uniform. The advantage of buying directly from me is that there are many full color travel pictures that grace the pages from a local, Canadian printer in the YYZ. Other big name sources offer only black and white pages throughout. As you can see, I am a big fan of color.

You can visit the shop here and pop the book into your cart and fill out the prompts. Or if you are fairly local to Burlington or the Toronto airport, I offer delivery (within a reasonable distance and also at our airport mailboxes or pickup with a simple e-transfer of $27 which will save you the shipping costs (messenger me for my email address). The shop also offers the option for local pickup/delivery. I want to thank each and every one of you for your generous pre-sale support of this book so far! 10% of the first batch of book sales has already been donated to the AQPS towards sucide prevention.

And while we are on this subject of taking flight and story telling…why not invite an inspiring, well travelled flight attendant to speak at your association, event, corporation, classroom, school or club? Just ask me! I would love to hear your comments and feedback.

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